Submit Your Articles to The Top Directories

There are tons of ways to promote your website, blog or online business opportunity today. And if you don't know by now one of the easiest ways is to write articles about your niche website and submit them to the top article directories. Not only is it easy - it is also FREE.

The top article submitter online today is rigt here...Top Article Submitter

Submitting to article directories does two things. One...IT will give you a good backlink. Two...the directories you submit your article too will help with higher google page rank.

The Best Places to Submit Your Article

Submitting your articles one by one to each and every article directory is time consuming. And doing it this way does work...but, you've got more things to do than submit your aritlce by hand each and every time. Why not submit your article to over 85 directories for free is the best article directory on the internet today. The title of the article is the most import aspect of your article. Here is an example: How to submit your article in directories. Folks always want to know how to fix something and in this case it's "how do I submit an article to article dirctories".

You can have 2 self serving links. One in the body of your article and another one in your bio. Remember to do a little research on the keywords you will use in your article. This is really important. Use the following link to see if your keywords are searched by the average Internet surfer. Keyword Tools.

If you want an example of how this is done try Free Traffic With Articles If you don't like writing...try outsourcing or pay someone to write articles for you. Visit for more information.

Here is my list of the top Articles Directories:

Remember these are authortitive type article directories and they have a page rank of three or better.

1. Premimum cream of the crop article submitter. Be sure to read their T.O.S. They have a google page rank of 6. Don't do any type of auto submissions to this directory. Submit your articles by hand.

2. Very easy to use and articles appear Immediately. has a page rank of 6.

3. Only use your own articles and do NOT submit articles that appear somewhere else. Their google page rank is 6.

4. Easy to use article directory. Sign up and add as many articles as you want. Their google page rank is 5.

5. You can submit an article and have literally thousands of Internet readers World Wide. A big 5 thumbs up article directory. They have a google page rank of 5.

6. This one has been around a long time. Their google page rank is 3.

7. Become a contributing author today. Google's ranks them at 5.

8. Submit your article to today. has a pagerank of 5.

9. Now called - Be sure to add your photo for extra exposure. also has a pr of 5.

10. Read the authors terms of service. Page rank of 4.

Checkout Brad Callen's Article and Directory Submitter. The article submitter will enable you to semi-submit your articles to about 85 article directories. You will have to navigate thru Brad's site until you see the image below. The 2 links circled in red are where the article and directory submitter are located. LOOK in the upper right hand corner. First, you will have to follow this link...Article and Directory Submitter

article directories
top article directories image top articles image line