How to start a forum

Looking to Start A Forum?

Good, Why? Because it is an excellent way to monetize, and socialize with other like minded individuals in your niche.

Most folks start a forum mainly for the money. And I dont't blame them. It is a very good way to earn a part time living adding a forum to your website. Here are some good and bad points on starting a forum

Niche forums work well with all types of informational sites. Dating sites, Gardeners, Sports, and Weight loss experts do very well with an online forum. More information here...Own a forum today.

    Forums and Bulletin Boards

    Lots of good reasons to start an online forum

  • If done correctly your forum can bring in substantial income.
  • You can build a large subscriber list in no time.
  • It's actually easy to install most forum scripts.
  • You will be able to communicate and socialize with other like minded folks
  • You can have alot of fun reading and answering forum questions and suggestions.

  • There are some negative aspects to starting a forum

  • You will need moderators to help with spam and unwanted posts.
  • You will have to clean and check for spam on a daily basis.
  • It will take awhile before your forum will become successful.
  • You will have unhappy and disruptive users.
But, like anything else it takes a whole lot of learning before you can have a successful online niche forum.

It is best if you already have a website that is getting decent traffic. All you really need is at least 200 unique vistiors per day? Learn how to get free website traffic right now by visiting: Get free website traffic

Having your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the best route when starting a forum. If you are just starting out a shared server for your forum will do just fine. Your forum should be about what you are knowledgable about. Once again good original content enters the picture. The easiest way to make money with your forum is to add google's adsense program. If you are just starting out this is by far the best method of making money with your forum.

PHPbb - SMF forum applications and servers

A shared server usually does not cost any extra money but a private one does.

These forum applications are already installed on the best hosting services. They are located in the Control Panel (cpanel). You can click on Fantastico Deluxe icon and on the left hand side you will see a sub heading called Discussion Boards.

Under this section you have two programs that are automatically installed in your hosting server. One is PHPbb and other is SMF. They are both content managment forums.

The phpBB and SMF are PHP web-based bulletin or forum boards. If your webhosting company does not have a Cpanel section you might want to consider changing to Hostgators easy to use Cpanel for beginners. The forum boards are no cost programs.

An excellent way to find free information on starting your own forum is to visit the top Internet Marketing forums and ask questions. This is a real no brainer and shoud be done before starting a forum. Asking the forum owner or some of the moderators questions about how they got started is a real no brainer. Top Marketing Forums.

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free forum resources

Starting a forum for your online business

Unlike an e-mail list or newsgroup, the phpBB creates a forum on your web site that allows users to post questions and receive replies, all from their web browser. Once a forum has been created you can modify it extensively, from adding new sub-forums or changing the apperance of your forum. But the most important part is the ability to make money with your forum

You can easily monetize a forum by adding your adsense script to adding affiliate banners on your forum. Adding and monetizing a forum can be a time consuming task. That is why I highly recommend Michael Green's "How to start a forum eboook".

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