Get Free Website Traffic

Does free Internet traffic really work? The answer is a big emphatic YES!

Getting vistiors to your website is alot easier than you think. However there are some things you need to know.

You should stay away from those who claim that submitting your website to thousands will get you traffic. This is nonsense. What you need to do is submit your website by hand to the top three Search Engines. Or you can use article writing for free website traffic

Search Engine Traffic To Your Website

Unless you've been living under a rock you should know Google's search engine is number one for getting free website traffic. Did you know that once you have your website published or online the Google search engine "Bot" or robot will eventually index it. This is done by way of your webhosting company or any other site that is linked to you.

All webhosting websites are already indexed by google and if you have your website uploaded on their server - Google will eventually find it and list it in their "Websites to add" for others to see.

However if you are somewhat impatient like I am you can manually submit it yourself. really is easy to do. Join Google's Webmaster Central it's free to join. You will be able to tell google about your new site, find out who links to you, and analyze your search data. Find out how to get your keywords ranked on all the top search engines right here. Free SEO for the beginner.

Free Website Traffic with Yahoo

The next Search Engine is Yahoo they are somewhat harder to get listed but there is a way to do it free. It will take longer than google but again it is free. They also have a paid service which will guaranteed inclusion within 2-3 weeks, but the cost is around 300.00 bucks. Sooo...why pay when you can submit your URL and get it listed at no cost to you. Anyway here is the link to submit it free: Yahoo Submit

MSN Traffic

The third Search Engine is MSN (now called Bing). If you have good useful content on your website it should get indexed in about 3-4 weeks. Here is the link MSN is now called Bing.

Join Forums for more FREE internet traffic

By joining niche marketing forums you get backlinks and by inserting your signature file you will get more traffic. Marketing forums can get you lots of good free targeted traffic. It can also get you signups, leads, and above all some very good inside information on how others market there own business. Click here for some of the top marketing forums online today.

How To Get More Traffic To My Website

Getting more website traffic to your webiste can be obtained with SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is way to optimize your website and pages with the correct keywords that folks who might be interested in your business, services or products will find YOU. The three main search engines you want your sites listed on are Google, Yahoo and Bing. The smaller less known search engines are constantly looking for new or updates to older sites.

Why do most online folks have a hard time with SEO? Because it is constantly changing and what works today will not work tomorrow. Go to this SEO web-page for further information on SEO for the beginner or advanced marketer. Get Free SEO for the Beginner

Your website will eventually get listed by being in the top three search engines. There is no need to pay a submission service as these services make money by naive beginners who think these services are needed. There are some submission services who are legitimate and can help you achieve rankings but these are in the minority.

Another great way to get free visitors is by going viral. This method is sooo easy. You join put a small link on your site. Someone else see's it they join and it goes on and on. Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors

Free Internet traffic with article writing

Another excellent way to get free website traffic is by article writing. You can also by-pass submitting your URL (Websites)to the Search Engines. How can this be done you ask? Read the rest of the story at: Free Website traffic with articles.

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